The missing link between Chromebooks, GCP and the enterprise customer

I recently read in multiple news sources that Google Cloud team is running a marketing campaign, and is providing free Chromebooks to Miscorosft Azure partners.

Of all the articles, I like this analysis by Sarah Kimmel, to be the most candid and true.

Google Pitches Free Chromebooks to Microsoft Azure Cloud Partners

Sarah says — “…Free Chromebook or not, an MSP isn’t going to switch from a familiar trusted solution (Azure, AWS) to a platform (Google’s cloud) that can do the same things in the same ways. There will need to be a compelling reason for them to switch, so my advice to Google is while you have their attention during the Hangout, make sure you make that compelling argument, or you probably just wasted a lot of money.”

One of the major questions that enterprises need an answer for when adopting a new device is “Will our Line-Of-Business applications’ just work on this new device?”. One of the major questions that enterprises need an answer for when adopting a cloud is “How easy it is to deliver our Line-Of-Business user applications (not just SaaS) directly from the cloud?”.

And as we all know, legacy or not, enterprises today run on a lot of Windows applications. Every cloud provider is striving to support delivery of Windows applications from their cloud. E.g Microsoft Azure with Citrix, IBM with VMware, Amazon Workspaces and AppStream.

Google has a potential (I say potential, because some folks may disagree with me) limitation — there is no easy and affordable way to deliver Windows applications from Google Cloud. Worst yet, there is also no simple and affordable way to deliver Windows applications to a Chromebook. This is exactly the limitaiton that a platform like Chromotif eliminates effectively. This is exactly what Chromotif does : deliver Windows applications to Chromebooks via Google Cloud. Check this video out to get blown away by the simplicity and elegance of how Chromotif does it. In less than 5 minutes, you can provision an application delivery host in Google Cloud Platform, and make applications securely available, to a user on Chromebook (using GSuite identity) anywhere in the world.