Chromebox – the perfect thin client?

Over the past few months, I’ve seen quite a few articles and posts mentioning the use of Chromebox devices as a thin client (particularly for VDI). There is one article here¬†and another post

ChromeBox Thin Client from sysadmin


For those who aren’t aware — the Chromebox is essentially the desktop version of the Google Chromebook. Take Google Chrome OS, add it to a PC/desktop style hardware and you get a Chromebox system. ASUS has a pretty good Chromebox available on the market, scoring a 7/10, the reviews for which are found here.

At around $150, it makes a very good option for a PC style device to get online, connect to a reasonably large monitor, and use a keyboard and mouse with it.

A Chromebox gives you a Chrome browser but cannot run any of your regularly loved Windows productivity or custom business applications. You just cannot install Windows applications on a Chromebox. And that is exactly why Chromebox devices aren’t widely used or popular with businesses and users.

But there’s good news now. Using Chromotif Nebeula, one can access Windows productivity and custom applications right from the Chromebox. Better yet, these applications can be securely hosted and delivered using a public cloud of your choice or an on-prem datacenter. Even better yet, these applications can be accessed from right within the Chrome browser available on Chromebox, using the same user identify that is used to log into the Chromebox. Much better yet, access to these applications is only available for 10cents an hour per user.

Chromotif Nebeula turns a Chromebox into a perfect thin client — not just for VDI, but also for true application delivery.