Chromotif, Google Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and the future

Google and Progressive Web Apps

There has been a lot of discussion lately, around

  1. Future of Chrome Apps
  2. Progressive Web Apps (or PWA)
  3. Non availability of Chrome Store for Windows, Macs and Linux devices

First, let me clarify what is the impact of all the changes Google has initiated. Then I’d clarify what it means to Chromotif and future…

Chrome Apps are here to stay for Chrome devices (Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, ChromeOS variants like FlintOS and Neverware, etc.) forever. Chrome Apps are *currently* going away for Windows, Linux and Mac from being *searchable* on Chrome Web Store but they can be accessed via their deep links (i.e. search the internet with terms like “Chrome Web Store” and “YourAppName”, obtain a deep link from results and click on it to access the Chrome App from Chrome Web Store). Sometime in second half of 2018, this deep link will also stop working for Windows, Mac and Linux devices (but by them the respective Chrome App vendor will/should have migrated their App to a Progressive Web App, and all will be well).

Now let’s talk about Chromotif

  1. Chromotif Chrome App is alive and kicking on the Chrome Web Store for Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, ChromeOs variants. go ahead and search “Chromotif” in the Chrome Web Store via these devices and be a happy camper.
  2. If you use Windows, Mac or Linux devices — go ahead and use this deep link to access the Chromotif App. The link is also available via our web page here.
  3. And by the way, Google has enabled Chromotif to create a Progressive Web App (or PWA) variant of the Chrome App already. So should you desire to use the Chromotif PWA via your Windows, Mac or Linux devices (or even Chromebooks), go ahead and gladly do so. The Chromotif PWA is available here. The link is also available via our web page here. Yeah! We have a strong partnership with Google and even though they are a large company, they do very supportively care about their smaller partners like Chromotif. In all fairness, we are only working towards a common goal : proliferating the Google Chrome ecosystem as well as Google Cloud Platform.
  4. Just a little caveat about the Chromotif PWA — it will *not* work when you are offline. And it’s totally ok to be offline while driving (unless you are using a Waymo autonomous vehicle), brushing your teeth (hygiene!) or flying (catch up on sleep!).

Happy almost Friday! Well, err… yeah, one more day to go! What’s a day here or there between friends, I say!