Raspberry Pi, Windows Desktops and Applications, Chromotif

Late last year, I came across a TechRepublic article that mentioned the utility of Raspberry Pi 3 as a thin client. That article can be found at the link here.

In fact, there have been a few technologies that enable this. WTware being one of them. NComputing (our competition when I used to work at Wyse) even has a neat little fully packaged thin client – the RX series. Clearcube (wow! 1997-present…that’s longevity) also announced a product at VMWorld 2017 – the C3Pi. Most of these thin client are available at around $120 per device.

Enter FlintOS.

FlintOS is a Chromium variant, which now supports Raspberry Pi3 and we at Chromotif love it. In fact, in less that 15 minutes, we not only created a Raspberry Pi 3 thin client using FlintOS, but also deployed an entire application delivery system using Chromotif (via any public or private cloud). Impressive eh ?! Check out the video here.

I used a $35 Raspberry pi 3, with a spare SD card (FlintOS image), spare USB keyboard and mouse and hooked it up via HDMI to our Samsung TV. After power on, I logged in using my GSuite identify (your GMail ID would work too!). Downloaded the Chromotif Chrome App from the Chrome Web Store (or you can use our fancy HTML5 client). That’s all — the Raspberry Pi 3 FlintOS based thin client is ready to connect to Windows Apps and Desktops. Schools and Educational institutes (who have traditionally like ChromeOS), small and medium businesses and tech. geeks will find this particularly useful for their productivity and app delivery use cases.

Now, let’s do the math (at retail price!)

$35 for Raspberry Pi 3 (no casing)

$15 for the keyboard and mouse

$4 for SD card

$27 flat panel refurbished monitor

$10/month/user for Chromotif

Total $91 (excluding FlintOS cost and casing cost)

Now that’s called a GAME CHANGER! All inclusive app delivery (including the thin client, keyboard, mouse, monitor, *and* the Chromotif app delivery platform) under $100/user to begin with. Dare to compare this with existing thin clients and app delivery solutions?!