Another sign enterprise companies are embracing the cloud

Last week, Airbus announced it is moving its entire 130,000+ workers from Microsoft Office to Google G Suite. This is the latest example of a company ditching Microsoft’s on-prem software model in favor of Google’s productivity applications running in Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

At Chromotif, we believe this natural progression to the cloud makes business sense and that companies will increasingly make this transition as the cloud model is more flexible and scalable, easier to manage, more secure, and less expensive. However, we also believe that enterprises will still require access to legacy Windows applications – that is where Chromotif Nebeula enters the picture. Chromotif Nebeula is the only cloud-native Windows application and desktop delivery platform purpose-built for the cloud.


Nebeula allows enterprises to run Windows apps and desktops in a Chrome browser in a simple, highly secure and easy to manage manner. The entire set up takes less than 15 minutes. Chromotif Nebeula works on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure. Nebeula also supports on-prem or hybrid deployments. Nebeula is particularly appealing to customers using Google solutions since it leverages the Google technology stack (Chromoting, G Suite Identity, G Drive, Firebase). G Drive integration allows end users to access their personal G Drive or shared team G Drive natively in either the application or the desktop, which enables collaboration.

Airbus CEO Tom Enders in a memo to staff said the Airbus is gearing up for the next phase of “digital transformation.” “Choosing G Suite is a strategic choice, a clean break with the past while assuring business continuity. Let’s embark together on this journey towards a truly collaborative enterprise,” he said. At Chromotif, we believe Mr. Enders’ bold decision will pay dividends as Airbus will be able to leverage the advantages intrinsic to cloud architecture, The only caveat is that the IT infrastructure will need a flexible solution such as Chromotif Nebeula in place to ensure a smooth and successful journey to the cloud.