Another sign enterprise companies are embracing the cloud

Last week, Airbus announced it is moving its entire 130,000+ workers from Microsoft Office to Google G Suite. This is the latest example of a company ditching Microsoft’s on-prem software model in favor of Google’s productivity applications running in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). At Chromotif, we believe this natural progression to the cloud makes business sense and[…]

Chromebox – the perfect thin client?

Over the past few months, I’ve seen quite a few articles and posts mentioning the use of Chromebox devices as a thin client (particularly for VDI). There is one article here and another post ChromeBox Thin Client from sysadmin   For those who aren’t aware — the Chromebox is essentially the desktop version of the Google[…]

Chromotif in AWS Marketplace

Chromotif Nebeula was approved to be listed on AWS Marketplace today. The AWS marketplace makes it easy for customers to find, buy, deploy and manage software solutions, including SaaS, in a matter of minutes. AWS as a company is very kind, to list products and solutions in the AWS marketplace, even when these products and[…]

Chromotif in GCP Launcher

Few days back, Chromotif was approved to be part of GCP Launcher. For those who aren’t yet aware, Google Cloud Launcher offers ready-to-go development stacks, solutions, and services to accelerate development. So you spend less time installing and more time developing. Go ahead and check out the Chromotif listing for GCP Launcher here.

Neverware CloudReady VDI edition

Our partner Neverware announced the availability of CloudReady VDI edition. Check out the press release here.  At just $49 per device annually (includes Google Admin Console licensing), this is a steal of a thin client OS.