We won’t overload you with a long blog with “fake news” or “FUD”. Chromotif Nebeula is the only end-to-end application and desktop delivery (or virtualization) product that is

  1. Not legacy — we are completely cloud-native.
  2. True Hybrid and Multi Cloud — available on GCP, AWS, Azure. Run your app and desktop workloads anywhere. Even in your own data center
  3. Built with an in-built global load balancer — load balance your app and desktop workloads across different public or private clouds. Automatically!
  4. Using an optimized version of Google backed Chromoting protocol — the same protocol under the cover that is used for audio-video conferencing over the web. Extremely reliable and efficient.
  5. Not “fake” VDI — we are true multi-user and have no limitation of one VM per user. We drastically keep infrastructure and management costs low.
  6. Able to deliver any Windows or Linux application directly into the most secure browser using HTML5 — Google Chrome
  7. Secure and automatic — no firewall policies to configure, no SSL Gateways to install in your DMZ. All HTTPs/SSL, fully encrypted, with built-in secure internet traversal.
  8. Capable of working with G Suite User Directory as well as Microsoft Active Directory.
  9. Ready to deliver application and desktops from scratch in under 15 minutes — just bring your own cloud if you please, any cloud!
  10. Not a Microsoft RDP wrapper. We aren’t a borrowed or re-labelled Microsoft product with sundry integrations.

We guarantee the most simple, the most affordable, the most reliable and the highest performing application and desktop delivery product.