Before you begin, please review this helpful Google documentation.

A Google Project ID and a service account with specific permissions is required to successfully create Chromotif Application and Desktop delivery hosts on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The following details will guide you.

  1. Create a GCP subscription at
  2. Login to with a (co)owner account for your GCP subscription
    • You can choose to select an existing project in your GCP subscription or “Create Project” with name “ChromotifAppDelivery”
    • Note the project ID (this is the project ID you will provide in the Chromotif tenant administration console)
  3. For the selected project, enable “Compute Engine API”
    • Under [Hamburger] –> “API Manager” –> “Enable API” –> select “Compute Engine API”, click “Enable”
    • Enabling the “Compute Engine API” will require a valid billing method. Click “Enable Billing” (Helpful documentation)
    • For newly created GCP subscriptions, “Compute Engine API” may be listed under “API Manager” ->  “Library” -> “Popular APIs” ->  “Google Cloud APIs”
  4. Add the Chromotif Service Account (chromotif…account@… to your GCP Identify and Access Management settings with “Compute Instance Admin (v1)” and “Compute Network Admin” roles
    • Copy to clipboard the Chromotif Service Account from the “Add Host” page of the host creation wizard in Chromotif tenant administration console
    • Click “Manage Project Settings” –> “IAM and Admin” –> “IAM” –> “Add”
    • Provide (or paste) the Chromotif Service Account in the “Members” field, and “Select a Role” of “Compute Engine” –> “Compute Instance Admin (v1)”, click “Add”
    • Similarly also “Add” the “Compute Network Admin” role for the Chromotif Service Account.

The following video demonstrates how to achieve these settings.